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Maasai VOlunteerint Solutions

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Maasai Volunteering Solutions is an NGO created by two Maasai villagers from Engikaret community, composed by 32 bomas. 

We are located in Longido Districtict in Arusha region, on the way to Namanga (Border betwwen Tanzania and Kenya), considered Maasai Lands

Northern Tanzania is being affected  by a big drought because of the climate change. Its leader has transmited his concern about it to the community to start to take action and help them selves and the enviroment. 

The drought has affected us on helath, economically and the way to build our houses. 

On  2022 we started to develop different projects being the enviromental the first one and more importante, because involve the other areas READ MORE.

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Since 2016 we open our community to receive Guest and share our culture. Now adagays we keep sharing our culture combined the work our community is doing through the NGO. SEE EXPERIENCES

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tours & experiences

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Our community has an amazing view of 3 mounts: Longido, Meru and Kilimanjaro and also you are able to see wild life because is in between the Amboseli and Arusha National Park. 

Around our area we have an endemic bird that can be seen just here, so when you visit us you not only learn about Maasai culture, you also can do outdoor activities related with hikes and/or nature.

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Agri Pic

eco - maasai community

The main problem that we are facing in our disctric is the drought. Every year is raning more and is affecting the way to rise our cattle, our health and the enviroment. 

Our NGO has done partnership with two companies to start to bring knowledge and opportunities. Loreto from Iberoamerican&African Solutions and Fran from Maasai Conservation Technologies and our internal team have started tranings and helping us to organize ourselves to use our own resouser to create solutions. 

This project involves bring knowledge, uses Tanzanian technologies and motivates and teaches us to learn how to deal with our challenges.

Our principal activity is raise the cattle and have a lot of manure that we don't use. We are starting to use it to recover the soil and also to do vegetable gardens to get our own food and save money. 

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Fashion project

Because of the drought men started to stay longer out of the village with the cattle, but even being out the results were not good, no food no money, so that made women start to work.

They started to make charcoal from the green trees. This is affecting and making worst the problem we have. 

With the NGO we have taken a decision to use our skills and the knowledge we have, so we will improve our craft production and we will start a new project to mix fashion designs with the fabric that the Maasai women wear, which is more colourfull and wearable in other countries.

If you are interested on donate and/or support to this project :

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