Maasai Cultural Experience


Join daily activities at Engikaret Maasai Community, Longido, Arusha. We are located on the way to Namanga border.

Maasai Women Shuka

Women songs and dance

Women welcome our guest with a traditional dance, that they use to do when a new member come to live to the village. But there are other types of dances where men and women participate, where women also jump, but not in the same way as men.
You will be able to participate in the different forms and learn a little more about each activity.

Boma tour and Huts visit

The boma is the space that each village have delimitated by a fance made of acacia trees. We will show you how we distribute the space for our villagers and cattle. Then we will visit the huts (a maasai house) to understand how we build them, how we use them and tell you about the challeges we are facing because of climate change.

Chai Maziwa Story Telling

The story telling time is the moment when we will talk about our culture. For Maasai people the conversation is a very important activity that we use to do every day in the evening drinking Chai Maziwa (Teas with Milk). It is an activity that is used to be practiced by men, but for our visitors all are invited.


Worriers Jumping

To finish our day, the warriors will do the typical jumping that is know around the world. This activity is performed only by the men, it serves as training and fun by holding competitions of who jumps the highest. The warriors who win these competitions become more famous in the village and are usually considered more attractive to women.

Daily Activities

We also can walk out of the village to visit some other places where we used to do other activities like BBQ, collect water orĀ  wood.


If you want to share more days with our villager to get known the place, activities flora and fauna this is the best option to explore the bush as Maasai.

Goat BBQ Experience

The Maasai are known to rely on meat, mainly goat and sheep, which is used for food more continuously, depending on the season. They also consume beef, but only in ceremonies, as this animal is considered sacred in their culture. From the normalement cow they obtain milk and blood, keeping the animal alive.
The goat barbecue is one of the activities that you can enjoy if you stay camping in the village, activity that is performed only by men. They are in charge of the barbecue and the women are in charge of the other types of preparations.

Craft Maker Space

In the Maasai culture, it is an evolutionary culture in time, although they maintain a life outside of Western standards, they still incorporate ideas, technologies and materials in their evolution.
Since the 19th century after colonization, the communities had access to beads, which they incorporated into their culture to represent their ideas at different times.
Maasai handicraft is an activity carried out by Maasai women, although they buy the materials in the city (fabrics and beads), the designs they use are made by themselves, and it is not something they usually sell.
In fact, if you passed through Arusha or will pass through, you will most likely visit the "Maasai Market", which has very little of the typical crafts of this people.
Even if you go to a real "Maasai Market", you will not see variety, just a few vendors who bring the beads to the communities. Only by meeting with a community will you see their real crafts for daily use and festivities.

Hiking&Walks - Templenary Village or Around the Neighborhood

Our Village is surrounded by hills and important mountains of Tanzania, like Logindo, Mt Meru and Kili. If overnight and stay more than one day we do outdoor activities out of village:

  • Bush walking: we walk around the open lands that the Maasai Community lives, so you will be able to visit other neighbors of the community and it is also considerated as a walking safari, because we may find wild animals.
  • Hike a hill: the hike is about 2 hours, you need shoes (sneakers), bring water and your camera to get amazing pictures of the landscapes and if you are like you can find some wild animals around.
  • Templanary Village walking and overnight: this activity is done normally by the warriors and boys in dry season. They have to move from the village to find grass for the cattle. When they find the place they build the boma which is to overnight with the cattle under the stars. You can join this activity, walking 2 hrs (the gear goes with the car to join you) or just heading by car. There you will enjoy a BBQ and do hiking in the hills around and contemplate an amazing sky.